Short Films

The Hit

After receiving bad news at the doctor’s office, Carl visits a local mob boss and puts a hit out on himself in a last-ditch effort to die with dignity. When a lab mistake reveals he is perfectly healthy, Carl now must stay alive long enough to cancel the hitman who is in hot pursuit.

Starring:  Frederick Fairbanks, Brad Rhodes, Dean Douglas, Winston Kidd, Charlie Hatton, and Mary Paolino.

OFFICIALSELECTION SheppertonScreenFestival 2018
NYC Laurel 2018 winner
LA Edge awards laurel
NYC Laurel 2018
OFFICIALSELECTION SheppertonScreenFestival 2018
Mindfield_ABQ_Official_Selection_Laurel 1
ComedyWorldNetwork laurel
OFFICIALSELECTION TheShawnaSheaMemorialFilmFestival 2017 1